Advice for Filmmakers Trying to Navigate the Film Industry

A point of view and some words of advice from AFM The American Film Market® (“AFM®”) is owned and operated by the Independent Film & Television Alliance® (“IFTA®”), a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation registered in the State of California. 

Film Literacy Seminar: Exploring Visual Culture

Cinekid, ECFA, Eye and FLICK invite you to the Film Literacy Seminar: Exploring Visual Culture at Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam on Tuesday 23 October, 11:00 – 19:30. The aim of the seminar is to exchange and broaden perspectives both on visual culture and the positioning of film in the cultural and educational debate. Best practices are discussed and during hands-on sessions …

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Learning to Discuss Films

We combined film analysis and debate using two films (“Whiplash” and “Rope”) which put forth the teacher’s responsibility towards a special, talented and gifted student. The participants were 26 students, where 18 students from the 2nd High School of Agia Barbara, 2 from D.S.A. (German School of Athens) and 6 from the Drama School of …

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Greetings from Belgrade

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Hope that you are all safe at home. I would like to thanks in the name of the Media Education Centre to Organizers for the Great Forum FoF. Also, would like to thanks to all participants for friendly and valuable communication and exchange of information, ideas and fields of possible future cooperation. …

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Moving Cinema

Description of the project “Moving Cinema. Methodologies, Strategies and Tools for Children and Young People to Appreciate European Films and Become an Active Audience” was a European project started in September 2014. Its main objectives were to create strong links between young people and cinema, to give them the tools to be autonomous spectators, and ultimately, …

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Broadcasting Authority of Ireland | Media Literacy Policy

On December 2016, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland launched its Media Literacy Policy, which sets out a range of skills to help people to navigate current, new and emerging content platforms. The Policy was launched in the Marker Hotel, attended by a wide range of stakeholders from the media, education and regulatory fields. The policy has been developed …

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Films for kids in South East Europe: The State of play

«Based on empirical observation and professional instinct, the Thessaloniki Film Festival attempted to expand what we know about the production of children’s films in Southeast Europe and evaluate the sutuation through systematic research. The aforementioned study, conducted by Eleni Chandrinou, is the first of its kind, at least to our knowledge. As a result, a …

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Indigo Mirror

Plot: Girl stands in a front of the mirror, and everything that happens to her reflection in a mirror determines her further destiny. About Author:Bosko Medojevic was born on in Cetinje, Serbia & Montenegro. He was raised in artistic family, and at early beginning he was surrounded with all type of art forms: pictures, sculptures, …

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