“Unlock the screen”: 2nd International “Fest of Fests” Forum at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

Following through with suggestions made by the Fest of Fests network members, this year’s Forum is organized as a focus group on the promotion of film literacy in school education and the prominent role of Children and Youth Film Festivals in this context.

As a first step to a series of meetings, the first focus group on school education will be a European one, for which  the “Fest of Fests” is teaming up with the Greek Educational Radio-Television, the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication (EKOME S.A.) and numerous ECFA members.

Mapping film educational activities around the world

Other activities of the Fest of Fests project include a survey, designed together with EKOME SA, on mapping film educational activities around the world. The survey is the starting point in order to accumulate information on film education that is scattered all over the globe among youth film festivals and educational organizations which deal with film and audiovisual media culture.

The point is to find out about any school film educational activities (formal, non-formal, informal) of any level (primary, secondary, etc) and of any mean (classroom based, web based, e-learning, workshop etc), in order to be able to expand our network and achieve greater knowledge on how the creative industry works and what are the current trends and problematics. The results from the survey will be processed, analyzed and presented by EKOME & the Fest of Fests in autumn 2019.

Stay tuned!

We invite every international member of the Fest of Fests network to follow the proceedings of the upcoming focus group, and make feed the outcomes into similar focus groups, with the aim to further extend the discussion.

See the program of the Fest of Fests Forum 2019

Take our survey – it will only take a few minutes! Mapping Film Literacy around the world