Toon Club Animation Workshop

Fest of Fests would like to present Toon Club’s Animation Workshop in Mumbai, India, taking place from the 5th till the 20th of May 2022. 

Toon Club’s #Animation #Workshop : An award-winning curriculum specifically designed for #children (8-14 years)

Toon Club’s ‘Fundamental’ animation program initiates children into the fascinating magical world of animation.

A time-travel to a world prior to the advent of animation / cartoon films in the 1800s and how the art of moving frames evolved over the past century. Children will learn and experience the magic of persistence of vision and how to create optical devices: Thaumatrope, Phenakistoscope, Zoetrope & Kineographs. They will learn the frame concept & understand Principles of Animation. Children will be taken through a few historically relevant animations films along with fascinating anecdotes related to these films. They will also create their own animation films in 3 different techniques.

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Workshop video: