Takorama International Film Festival 2022,

It is with great pleasure that EKOME once again collaborates with the Takorama International Film Festival 2022, the international online short film animation festival dedicated to humanism and ecology and addressed to students, teachers, parents, and children, under the auspices of UNESCO. The films included in Takorama were screened at the world’s largest Annecy International Animation Film Festival, a festival in which EKOME has been participating the last few years, supporting the Greek delegation. 

This year EKOME as an official partner supports further the communication of the festival in Greece, participates in the selection of the films, and translates into Greek the worksheets for 15 animated films, which will be freely accessible and ad-free for use in an educational context. The films are classified into five age categories (for children from 3 to 18 years old) and are accompanied by worksheets with brief information on the films and questions about their content and the technical dimension. They also, offer targeted educational activities and additional material with references to works of literature, visual arts, and films.  

From 1st April to 24th June 2022, children together with their parents and/or teachers will have the opportunity to discover a poetic and original visual universe that promotes the values of solidarity, respect, and sustainable development. Takorama Festival 2022 is organized by the French NGO “Films Pour Enfants“ that won the 1st Prize of Global Media & Information Literacy Awards 2021.

Link: https://www.ekome.media/education/ekome-launches-new-partnership-with-takorama/