3rd International Forum Fest of Fests, Athens 2021

During the pandemic we had to postpone some of our planned events.

Now we are back with new proposals on film festivals and the relevant educational organisations. 

KIDS for KIDS – A new service

The proposed service is the digital evolution of the KIDS FOR KIDS project that was implemented globally for a decade (1996-2006) with the support of MEDIA, YOUTH EUROMED and the Greek General Secretariat for Youth.

The new video streaming service will present annually the kids’ audiovidual creations, made at the festivals’ workshops and within film education organisations. The produced content will be of high and multicultural value and will be accompanied by relevant educational and informative material. Each year the service will be awarding 15 international prizes. Our ultimate goal is to make a summer film school for children and teens where they will be taught by international film industry personas.  

The service will create and support an active international youth community and establish collaborations among festivals and film education organisations.

It will promote children’s film productions of every country, while supporting ‘democratically’ (in the sense of providing equal opportunities) the dissemination of all languages and cultures.