Moving Cinema

Description of the project

“Moving Cinema. Methodologies, Strategies and Tools for Children and Young People to Appreciate European Films and Become an Active Audience” was a European project started in September 2014. Its main objectives were to create strong links between young people and cinema, to give them the tools to be autonomous spectators, and ultimately, to build active and sensitive audiences able to appreciate diverse cinematographic manifestations. Moving Cinema focused on contemporary and classic European auteur cinema, with special attention to films and filmmakers that differ from the mainstream, and yet are able to engage young people in a deep and meaningful way.

With these objectives in mind, the project explored four strands of work: screenings and dialoguesyoung programmersfilm practices with mobile devices (linking filmmaking to film viewing) and discovering films on VoD platforms.

The diverse actions developed in each of these areas were subsequently analysed in order to define working models and their related processes. Training sessions were also conducted in the countries of the partner organizations, as well as in other European countries.


The resources produced through the project’s activities are going to be published on the project’s website:

The website aimed to become a useful tool for all those organizations, institutions and people interested in the transmission of cinema.

Through its activities, Moving Cinema has built an important network of festivals, cinemas, screening spaces, schools, institutions, teachers and filmmakers that work together for film education for young people.


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