Indigo Mirror

Plot: Girl stands in a front of the mirror, and everything that happens to her reflection in a mirror determines her further destiny.

About Author:
Bosko Medojevic was born on in Cetinje, Serbia & Montenegro. He was raised in artistic family, and at early beginning he was surrounded with all type of art forms: pictures, sculptures, books, music and films. That`s the main reason why he developed such a versatile character. As a teenager, he started playing music and rapping and he made his first music video, which became a local hit in Serbia. Speaking about versatile character, Bosko has a master degree in biochemistry, he plays basketball for Belgrade club – Karaburma, he is a member of Mensa Serbia and he is playing music with his band Wenom, he works as a sales menager for a living, and above all he loves cinematography. He made two short films “Memento” and “Indigo Mirror” and few music videos. He claims that he has a lot of ideas and creativity to offer to the world of film.