Films for kids in South East Europe: The State of play

«Based on empirical observation and professional instinct, the Thessaloniki Film Festival attempted to expand what we know about the production of children’s films in Southeast Europe and evaluate the sutuation through systematic research. The aforementioned study, conducted by Eleni Chandrinou, is the first of its kind, at least to our knowledge. As a result, a thourough reexamination and cross-checking of heterogeneous data was necessary. Sometimes, to make matters worse, we found ourrselves dealing with a lack of quantitative data. Therefore, while recognnizing that it cannot be considered exhaustive, we hand out the outcome of our research, hoping that we have contributed to the realization of the need that immediate action must be taken in all relevant areas -from producers and filmmakers to regional public and private institutions dedicated to the art of cinema.»
Excerpt from the prefae of Elise Jalladeau, General Director of Thessaloniki Film Festival

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