Film Literacy Seminar: Exploring Visual Culture

CinekidECFAEye and FLICK invite you to the Film Literacy Seminar: Exploring Visual Culture at Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam on Tuesday 23 October, 11:00 – 19:30.

The aim of the seminar is to exchange and broaden perspectives both on visual culture and the positioning of film in the cultural and educational debate. Best practices are discussed and during hands-on sessions we will zoom in on a variety of topics, such as lobbying and collaboration, to increase awareness of the importance of the visual language nowadays. It will be an inspiring day of informal sessions within an international environment, from which we will seek to learn how to put film education on the European school map. 

Film offers a wealth of possibilities as a cultural subject: film as art, film as communication, film as technique and film as heritage. And like the other arts, film can move, entertain and make us think. Film is also a very popular medium for discovering and understanding the world. Understanding the visual language of film is, therefore, an essential skill in our society! Increasingly, more and more organisations are working together to deliver this message.

Known for her ability to raise the difficult questions needed to move forward, keynote speaker Claire Boonstra, founder of Operation Education, is invited to kick off the seminar. In the afternoon, there will be room to zoom into three topics in detail, in creative, active group sessions.

* One plus one equals three (Zoom-into-Lobbying)

Central question: ‘How can we work together to put film literacy on the map?’

Hosting partner: ECFA; Margret Albers (ECFA President)

Creative Host: Paul Tyler

Speakers from the Cineteca di Bologna and Northern Ireland Screen.

* Europe Shaken & Stirred (Zoom-into-Collaboration)

Central question: ‘What is needed to achieve true cooperation and co-creation?’

Hosting partner: Cinekid; Tessa Stoke (Head of Education)

Creative Hosts: Douwe-Sjoerd Boschman, and Tessa van Grafhorst (The Cake Robbers)

Speakers from Vision Kino.

* Sneaking into School (Zoom-into-Curriculum)

Central question: ‘Can film education transcend across school subjects or can it only be embedded in art education?’

Hosting partner: Eye & FLICK; Margreet Cornelius (Senior Project manager)

Creative Host: Wytze Veenstra

Speakers from the University of Gøteborg (Linda Sternö was a revelation in the ECFA Stockholm Seminar in 2017) and The Nerve Centre.

Afterwards all participants are invited to the Cinekid for Professionals opening drink.

Accreditation requests for single tickets (€ 49,95) for the Film Literacy Seminar can be made via the Cinekid website. Accreditation requests for combination tickets for Cinekid for Professionals + Industry Forum + Film Literacy Seminar (€ 249,95) can be found here.

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