Fest of Fests – Workshops

Fest of Fests is organising this April and May three film workshops for children who wish to deepen their knowledge in using image and sound as a means of expression.

Children aged 12-15 will have the opportunity to gain skills in film production.

The workshops will take place in Michael Cacoyannis Foundation premises in collaboration with the educational organisation Karpos, which has significant experience in film education activities for children and youth and has obtained important awards.  

The workshops curriculum has been made by filmmakers with experience in education. Ms Maria Leonida is the Managing Director of Karpos and coordinates the workshops.

The aim of the workshops is that children make their own audiovisual content, guided by film experts in order to improve their technique.

Workshop 1: Film production, Workshop 2: Documentary

Within these film workshops, students will suggest ideas for a short film that will be about something they love or that bothers them. Ideas will transform into small scripts that they will film in couples or small groups. This way they will be introduced to the basics of script writing, camera, sound and edit. They will work along with a professional filmmaker to plan and shoot a short film about a theme of their everyday life. In small groups they will make research, write the script, organise the shoot and play the roles of their own film or take interviews and film their peers. By using professional equipment and their mobile phones, they will learn where to place the camera, the use of lenses and light, and examine ways to photograph people and spaces based on their specific characteristics. At the same time they will get accustomed to use sound in order to add music and sound to their films. One workshop is on fiction and the other on documentary.

Friday 15/4, 16:00-17:30, Monday 18/4, 10:30-15:30, Tuesday 19/4,  10:30-15:30,

Wednesday 20/4,  10:30-15:30

Workshop 3: Animation

By using different materials (3D objects and papers, but also our own body), we experiment with the stop motion technique to make a short animation film. Students are introduced to the animation genre, get to undestand the basic principles of filmmaking and practice on an original story where they all play and take photos. The participants work together to write the script, create their own characters and use their imagination to transform the world around them. Depending on the technique used, the students will take the role of the set designer, object maker, actor, film director and photographer and learn sequential shooting, take photos and define the rhythm and form of their short movie. They will also become familiar with tablet apps and with using the camera and microphones.

Friday 6/5, 15:00-18:00, Saturday 7/5, 11:00-16:00, Sunday 8/5, 11:00-16:00,

Monday 9/5, 15:00-17:00