European focus group | June 10-12, 2019

The main focus of the Forum, on June 10-12, was an exchange of experience between 11 European countries, with various levels of integration of a/v and film literacy in their respective school curricula.

Different traditions, new challenges, experimentation and good practices were presented by representatives of film festivals, educational organizations and Film Institutes from Germany, the UK and Northern Ireland, Ireland, France, Sweden, Denmark, Croatia, Poland, Finland, Cyprus and Russia.

The European Children’s Film Association (ECFA) has actively supported the event and enriched the program, particularly with the presentation of a survey among ECFA members, with emphasis on countries not attending the focus group, made by Margret Albers, ECFA’s President.

Wider international perspective was offered by the International Center of Films for Children and Young People (CIFEJ) and its Secretary General, Mohsen Chiniforousian, as well as by David Kleeman, a renowned expert on children’s content, who had also been the event coordinator in last year’s launching forum.