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Το FEST OF FESTS διοργανώνει την ετήσια Διεθνή Συνάντησή του με θέμα «Γενιά Άλφα και οπτικοακουστικό περιεχόμενο» . Τα εθνικά και διεθνή WEBINARS  θα διεξαχθούν στο Ίδρυμα Μιχάλης Κακογιάννης στις 28-31 Μαϊου 2024: Τρίτη 28 Μαΐου, ώρα 18.00 – 20.00: Ελλάδα (η συζήτηση θα γίνει στα ελληνικά). Συντονίστρια: Λένα Ράμμου Τετάρτη 29 Μαΐου, ώρα 18.00 – 20.00: […]

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Webinars 2024 – Generation A

Fest of Fests

Fest of Fests is organizing its next edition of Webinars. The webinars are about Generation A and will take place at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation on 28-31 of May 2024: Tuesday 28th of May, 18.00 – 20.00 EEST (Athens, Greece Time): Greece (in Greek). Coordinator: Lena Rammou Wednesday 29th of May, 18.00 – 20.00 EEST (Athens, Greece Time): Europe (in English).

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Documentary workshop

Fest of Fests

Fest of Fests is organising a documentary film workshop for teenagers. The participants will work with a professional film-maker to plan and shoot a short video about a theme of their everyday life. In small teams, they will make research, write a script, organize the film shooting and become the actors of their own film

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Cinema & Debate workshop

Fest of Fests

Fest of Fests is organizing a film workshop for teenagers, combining cinema and debate. The workshop merges film analysis, film making and debate contest. The participants will make a short film and present a debate contest in front of an audience. The aim of the workshop is to develop critical thinking and debate skills using

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