12th Four River Film Festival

High school students, if you are still trying out your luck in filmmaking, this is a great opportunity for you! We officially started accepting submissions for the 24th Youth Film Festival and 12th Four River Film Festival, national and the international festival dedicated to high school film. The festival will be held from September 10th to 14th, 2019 in Karlovac, Croatia and will be organized by the Croatian Film Association and Cinema Club Karlovac.

Receiving more than 1000 submissions from 50 different countries, 4000 spectators and 200 international guests really makes us a hit destination for high school film, but also a great place to look for an opportunity of finding your own place in the world perceived through a film frame. If you are 14 to 20 years old and you finished making your film no later than January 2017, you can compete in 4 different categories: fiction film, animated film, documentary film and freestyle film. Our previous winners are a living example of how our festival boosted their careers. Some of them include directors Kaja Šišmanović and Dario Lonjak, producers Ivan Kelava, Marina Jurišić and Marija Ratković Vidaković, editors Maida Srabović, Tomislav Stojanović and Daniel Pejić and animators Vjekoslav Živković and Luka Hrgović who are all successful experts in the world of film.

We bring you some additional great news: our festival have finally moved to a new digital home! Don’t worry, we still suffer from chronic yellow fever. The submissions will be received exclusively through Film Freeway, so we present you with the following advice for submitting your films:

1. HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR FILMS? Through Film Freeway!

2. ANY SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS? You can find our Terms and Conditions on the link above.

3. DEADLINE? We will be accepting submissions by June 1st. 

Aside from the high school films in the official competition, the festival is known for its additional accompanying events in which we try to enrich the experience with different workshops, round tables and cooperations with renowned partners like Relativity School and Prodigy Camp from the US. If this is not enough to motivate you to participate or at least visit Karlovac during this yellow fever, we have something more up our sleeves. This established film manifestation has the best cinema hall in the whole world: the river banks of four different rivers in Karlovac, each night at a different river, a different location: Kupa, Korana, Mrežnica and Dobra.

See you in Karlovac, from September 10th to 14th!